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New Popular Accessory for winter: Courtly Round Hat (1)

July 1, 2012

The girls who like to watch movies will certainly remember the Princess Baroness in the ancient palace of Europe. They are wearing those gorgeous big round hats which take into their shoulders. Each of their reviews and actions are so attractive. In this season, round hat will walk from the runway to the street. It is sure to be the king of this season’s most popular accessories!

Lady Style Round Hat

New popular accessory for this season: Lady Style’s round hat
Make yourself elegant and cool. If you want to mix and match, remember to do as this model. The big round hat looks good when it is mixed with cool style’s clothing. It’s a harmonious match indeed. The big round hat echo well with the leather pants in color, adding femininity to such treason. The motorcycle bag is casual, making it the perfect partner for leather pants and bat shirt.

Dark Red Hat

New popular accessory for this season: Dark red hat
The girl liked to play games with color. If there is no echo of the big round hat, dark red shoes may not look to be very eye-catching and she will lose the gorgeous charm. The sweater with big round collars and the delicate shirt do well to each other as complement. The choice of bag is also very interesting. It looks gorgeous in its texture.

Elegant Nude Color Hat

New popular accessory for this season: Elegant nude color hat
Elegant round hat and elegant gown make for an elegant appearance. Earth colors are the most low-key elegance, showing texture and connotation. The leather color bag and the high-heeled will make you more attractive.

Hat Makes Your Neat Style More Attractive

New popular accessory for this season: Hat makes your neat style more attractive
The girl with graceful figure is born to be a fashion spokesperson. Shorts and the neat black stockings match so well. The black suit and white-lace-cravat shirt make you look to be an intelligent and sexy career woman. The resort-style round straw hat softens the looking. At the same time, the bun pulled to one side is showing femininity.If you want to read the rest of this article,welcome to visit New Popular Accessory for winter: Courtly Round Hat (1).


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